Peri-pa-teo: to make one’s way, progress; to walk around in.

Who we are
Peripateo is an interdenominational Christian discourse journal at Swarthmore College. We print twice a year: once in the fall semester and once in the spring semester. We seek to explore the intersections, connections and experiences of Christian faith in reason, science, academics, politics and life. We publish anything from art to photos to essays, articles, reviews, poetry, etc.

Peripateo seeks to reconcile faith and academia by engaging religious issues through an intellectual lens. We believe that the message of Jesus Christ has powerful implications for our daily lives and the world at large. We come from a variety of Christian traditions and seek to represent a diversity of perspectives. Our goal is to fuse creativity and intellectualism in this journal to invite readers into a thoughtful discourse: what role does God play in our lives? What are the ways that a Christian perspective both complements and complicates an academic one?

We are also a part of the Augustine Collective, which you can read more about here.